IMAP stops working on Exchange 2013 server

I recently came across an issue with Exchange 2013 and IMAP.  We have an application that monitors a mailbox via IMAP which had suddenly stopped working.  The Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 and Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Backend services were both started.  However when attempting to telnet to port 143 the server would close the connection.  A restart […]

Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously

After performing updates on out internal remote desktop server I started experiencing issues with Outlook 2013.  Our remote desktop server is configured to not time out sessions, so a session could remain active for a long time.  Every couple of days Outlook would stop opening emails, however simply closing and reopening Outlook would fix the […]

Error opening Exchange Management Console

I recently had an issue at a client after we replaced their old domain controllers that were running Windows Server 2003 with a pair of brand new 2012 R2 servers.  I upgraded the domain and forest functional level to 2012 R2 and decommissioned the old servers.  However later in the day I noticed issues getting into […]

Slow mail delivery on Exchange 2013

I had noticed on a couple of Exchange 2013 deployments that mail delivery was slower than expected.  With previous versions of exchange internal emails were delivered almost immediately.  However on the Exchange 2013 servers I was noticing that internal emails were taking up to 5 seconds to be delivered.  That may not sound like long […]

Upgrade Lync 2013 to Skype for Business

I was very excited when I read the Skype for Business features earlier this year.  One of the big changes was the ability to perform an in place upgrade from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business.  When upgrading previous of versions of Lync a side-by-side method was used, which meant two Lync environments running at the […]