Upgrade Lync 2013 Edge Server to Skype for Business

After upgrading our internal Lync 2013 Standard server to Skype for Business, I was keen to try out the Skype federation.  Performing some research I discovered that the edge server must also be upgraded to Skype for Business for the integration to work correctly.  Below is a guide to upgrading your Lync 2013 edge server to Skype for business.

Ensure your Lync 2013 Edge server meets to following requirements

  • Windows updates fully up to date
  • You must have KB2987510 installed
  • .Net 3.5 framework is installed
  • SQL server 2012 must be at least SP1
  • At least 32GB of free HDD space

If your server does not meet the requirements the upgrade readiness check will fail.

Pre Req Error Updates

Now to begin the actual upgrade process.

First we must ensure that our Edge server has the upgraded topology.  Perform the following

  1. Connect to your front end server
  2. Open the Topology Builder
  3. Locate your Edge server in the menu to the left and right click and select “Upgrade to Skype for Business 2015…”Upgrade edge topology
  4. Publish the topology
  5. Open the Skype for Business Management Shell and run the following command “Export-CsConfiguration ExportPath”Export Toplogy
  6. Copy the export file across to you Edge server
  7. Connect to your Edge server
  8. Open the Lync Management Shell and run the following command “Import-CsConfiguration -localstore ImportpathImport topology


Now to perform the upgrade

  1. Mount the Skype for Business iso on your edge server
  2. Run setup.exe located in setup\amd64
  3. It will now go through and automatically uninstall Lync 2013, uninstall SQL 2012, install SQL 2014 and install Skype for Business
  4. Once completed and if everything is successful you should have a green tick next to each itemSkype for Business Success
  5. Open the Skype for Business Management Shell and run the following command “Start-CsWindowsService”Start edge services

You will now have a functioning Skype for Business 2015 edge server.


  1. Shawn Harry

    These instructions don’t work for me. The installation fails on “Uninstalling the local management services….Failed” with the error “MSI OcsCore.msi returned error code 1603, log file location”.. Any ideas? I’ve followed your guide to the letter.

  2. gordoncarr

    Are you able to post the detailed error message from the log file?

  3. Shawn Harry

    The log file didn’t provide anything useful. I ended up uninstalling everything manually and reinstalling the Edge with the new SfB bits.

  4. Ray7

    Is there any script available to perform this upgradtion?

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